• Economic Price

    ECO HPL more efficient with quality guarantees

  • Ready Stock

    Provide many products that are always updated

  • Thickness 0.7 mm

    Blending the decorative paper in melamine resin

  • Various Design

    Many choices motive to beautify the room


Fashions in floor covering come and go, just as they do in clothes, only not quite so often. None the less, a carpet manufacturer that exports worldwide, has to keep a close eye on the trends on all of its markets. A Belgian family business has been doing this so well that it has become one of the top ten manufacturers of woven carpeting in Belgium and an international success in the carpet trade.

The Devos-Caby website and folders illustrating its current patterns and designs have to be up-dated two to three times a year to correspond with the changes that keep its range of carpeting constantly up to date. Currently, in answer to customers demands, Devos-Caby is stepping up the production of high quality carpeting.